A VPN (virtual private network) hides your real IP address and encrypts all of your data between your device and our servers.

A VPN creates a virtual “tunnel” through which your data travels from your computer, over the Internet, to the blackVPN server. This encrypted “tunnel” protects your data from being monitored as it passes over the public Internet. 

When using a VPN connection your computer “appears” as if it was part of blackVPN’s network and you can hide your real IP address and location, unblocking sites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and other geo-blocked services. 

In short, VPN gives extremely secure connections through the Internet which is almost impossible for someone to tap or interfere with, and it also hides your real IP address. If anyone ‘listens’ to the VPN communications, they will not understand it because all the data is encrypted. 

Reasons You Should Use a VPN...
  1. Protect Yourself on Public WiFi: Nobody will be able to steal your banking or email credentials
  2. TV & Movie Streaming From Anywhere: Unblock sites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and other geo-blocked TV & Movie services
  3. Unrestricted Internet at Work or School: Access personal sites like Facebook without anyone knowing.
  4. Bypass Censorship: Access sites blocked in your country like YouTube, ThePirateBay, religious or porn sites.
  5. Because You Have A Right To Privacy