Keepass is a password database that makes it easy to use complicated passwords but you only need to remember one password. We recommend that you use different passwords everywhere.

Since OpenVPN by default doesn’t store passwords a workaround is to use Keepass and the Auto-Type feature. 

How to setup Keepass2

  1. Start by installing OpenVPN as per the setup instructions for your Operating System
  2. Download and install Keepass2 from here:
    We recommend that you use a both a password and a .key file for your Keepass
  3. Add a new entry in your database for your blackVPN connection, i’ve added it in the internet section:
  4. Enter your blackVPN username in the username field and your password in the password fields:
  5. Click OK and then save the file (File -> Save).

How to use the Auto-Type feature to enter your OpenVPN username and password

  1. Start OpenVPN and select a VPN to connect to.
  2. When you get the username/password prompt:
  3. Switch to the Keepass window and right click on your blackVPN entry and select “Perform Auto-Type”:
  4. Keepass will then enter your username & password into the OpenVPN username/password fields and press enter for you.
    (Auto-Type will send username/password to the last window used before going to Keepass, make sure not to click anywhere else.)
We recommend that you make regular backups of your Keepass database and .key file. Loosing them means that you loose all of your passwords.